Sabado, Pebrero 18, 2012

Stop Lying in Palawan

I have read that "Mining does not and will not affect agriculture, fishing and eco-tourism in Palawan." 
For me, this was such a big lie because miners make used of explosive products or technologies that could get minerals from the underground which can be easily affected the ecosystem and can also destroys the natural ability of our nature. Of course, it will take several years to recover our resources and it would take more time to preserve again. And again, there is no such thing as responsible mining for me. :)
Every corresponding action, there is always a negative effect, so i do believe that human beings are the one who destroys the resources itself, and we can't blame other people for that because that's what they do for a living and the government itself can't do so much about this because of the poverty experiencing in the country. We cannot blame also the government because this activity had already happened  "bago pa magpalit ng mga officials "whenever new government people takes place, so it will be very hard on their part for blaming them if that mining activities have been doing.. ever since.

posted by : Chen, Berry Jeanne L.

Sabado, Enero 14, 2012

Irresponsible Mining Threatens Food Security

       Last December 8, 2011, a press release from the senate of the Philippines had been posted in their website telling the threatening situation of mining in the Philippines to our food resources.
In Thursday’s hearing at the Senate, Senator Pangilinan came to his conclusion  that the mining industry if unregulated poses a serious threat to the country’s food supply. 
But how it may damage our food resources? With mining toxic substances such as mercury, lead, and cyanide are used to extract golds from the land. The mercury used could potentially get into the bloodstream of smaller animals like fishes in the ocean and other land animals. Since people are at the top of the food chain, it can eventually get into our bloodstream as well. Imagine if the mercury and cyanide were to accidentally spill. The damage done would be irreversible.
Marinduque Governor Carmencita Reyes stated during the hearing that the province's Kalangkang River no longer has aquatic life due to lead deposits from unregulated mining in the area. And I think there are other places in the Philippines that suffered loss in their livelihood and decreasing source of food due to the irresponsible mining in the Philippines.
In my opinion, it is clearly shown that there is really a need for the government to address these issues in mining. They must provide proper rules and laws about mining. Not only that, they must have a strict regulations in implementing those laws. What’s the use of various and several laws if not implemented well?
      Food is a necessity for everyone. People needs food to survive and live in this world. So people must help one another to protect and save our sources of food.
     As what stated in their press release, “We cannot sacrifice our food security for the sake of tapping the potential of an industry that obviously needs further evaluation based on data that we have received today. The end goal should be to benefit the entire nation, particularly in securing our food supply, and not benefitting just a few."

Posted By: Nonalyn Pangantihon

Plea of Cagayanos on Irresponsible Mining

Cagayan is one of the places here in the Philippines which are rich in minerals and natural resources like black sand, iron ore and manganese. Together with other minerals found in Cagayan, these natural resources attract many mining companies to explore what Cagayan has. Situations got even worse when these companies abuse the mining sites and thus this led to exploitation of natural resources. With that, ever wonder who’s to blame? Who are deeply affected?

Because of the situation Cagayan is into, many believed that part of the blame must be put on the provincial and local government units. Why? It is because they allow mining companies to operate in exchange of short term benefits. They are being selfish on making such decisions not even taking into consideration or priority those who are greatly affected and already suffering because of the disastrous effects of those mining activities. And who are these people who are experiencing so much suffering? They are no other than the poor people. Imagine, they are already in that state of living and yet they are still taken for granted. The great impact is really on the poor ones. Specifically, some have experience displacement from their lands, others have lost their sources of livelihood and still others have been physically threatened and maltreated because of their opposition to mining in their localities.

There are many unions that hold responsible of taking care of the mining sites which promotes responsible mining. Even pastoral communities have a plea. From a pastoral letter on mining written and addressed on the 23rd of October year 2011, pastors from Tuguegarao have laid down some points. They are aware of the current situation of their place that’s why they are in action. According to them, no one must be afraid of appealing their concerns to government agencies especially when they know that such mining companies plunder the natural resources. One more thing, each and every one must be motivated enough to be on guard not only against mining but also against all forms of destructive activities like logging, illegal fishing, and bad farming practices that destroy and endanger our natural environment.

Posted by: Ann Lorraine C. Mendoza


Biyernes, Enero 13, 2012

ILLEGAL MINING – possible cause of landslide in Pantukan, Compostella Valley

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The Senate has been urged to conduct an investigation on the financiers of small-scale mining operations following the deadly landslide in Pantukan, Compostela Valley.

Compostela Valley Gov. Arthur Uy also ordered the creation of a fact-finding team that would look into the involvement of local officials in the mining activities in Pantukan.

“There were reports that reached my office regarding local officials in Pantukan who themselves own tunnels in the mining site,Uy said.

Uy said the fact-finding team would identify the financiers of the small-scale mining activities in Pantukan

Legarda filed Senate Resolution No. 675, stressing specific areas in Pantukan, including Barangay Napnapan where the Jan. 5, 2012 and the April 2011 landslides occurred, have been identified as landslide-prone and the mountain region could collapse from high pressure or big movements, thereby NOT suitable for habitation and mining activities.

“Despite hazard warnings, small miners stay in the mining sites and place their lives at risk for a chance of finding gold instead of relocating to safer places where there is no alternative livelihood, Legarda said.

She noted the report made by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau that said those who were killed or injured in the landslide in Barangay Napnapan were small-scale gold miners who had no permits to mine in the area.

“The tragic incident claimed at least 32 lives,she pointed out.

Legarda said that illegal mining activities in Pantukan are reportedly financed by operators who provide the necessary equipment, such as mechanized pumps and sizable mills, which are too expensive for the small miners to afford.

“In my opinion, the bottomline of this topic is DISCIPLINE. If only these small scale miners were disciplined enough to follow hazard warnings given by the government and if only they didn’t risk placing their houses near the mining site, the accident happened could have been prevented. However, these small scale miners are not to blame, there are people behind these operations who financed the operations and provided expensive equipment for mining. I guess this is another lesson that all Filipinos should keep in mind that lack of discipline might lead to death.”

Posted By: Innah Marie Luna


Impact of Mining in the Philippines

Impact of mining in the Philippines

Are you aware of the negative impacts that the mining activity can contribute to our society? Do you know that there were only few resources left in our world today? Can you imagine the destruction that the activity can give? I believe, almost all people know what mining can contribute and i also believe that everyone knows what might mining can contribute as time goes by... We all know that mining is one of the major source of income in many countries, because it helps to supports the country's financial stability. We all know minerals are expensive that's why it can bring money to our country. But mining also can contribute negative environmental impact and health impact, and i believe many people are not aware of this issues, because of the poverty encountered by many. 

Come to think of it, mining can destroy what  we might have preserving for the future generations, and it takes years to be fully reversed if we stop doing this activity. Some say, damage will never be fully reversed. but i believe, we could bring the nature back as long as we will stop such activity . We need to preserve it for future needs.

A Fact-Finding Team composed of human rights and environmental experts from the United Kingdom which looked into the impact of mining on the environment and peoples' livelihoods in the Philippines highlighted the occurrence of mining-related human rights abuses affecting local communities especially indigenous people; extrajudicial killings of persons protesting against mining; corruption in the mining sector; political pressure on the judiciary resulting in pro-mining decisions; and environmental impacts. - Victor V. Asio

We have the knowledge that there will be always threat in our resources whenever we have done something but we don't use our knowledge to preserve and to protect .... and still some of us can't imagine how could this activity can bring destruction or affects the human life. We don't know the consequences might happen in the future but many accidents will occur if we didn't stop this activity like landslide, water will be contaminated and in result it will affect the animals in the sea and also affects human being.

People are very selfish, they don't care about what might future holds, they only think about making money, knowing that they could damage, destruct other lives of many.

Posted by: Chen, Berry Jeanne Lam
Credits to: Prof. Victor V. Asio, Visayas State University

Lunes, Enero 2, 2012

Root Causes of Tragedy in Cagayan De Oro, Iligan City and Dumaguete City

When I saw this video I felt very sad on what happened to the people of Cagayan De Oro. Unfortunately, this event happened few days before Christmas day and more than 1000 people were killed because of this tragedy. Lessons should be learned with this disaster because of poverty, environmental degradation, poor coordination and lack of preventive warning systems in the Philippines were identified by the UN as the major problems that resulted in enormous loss of lives and damage to communities and infrastructure when Typhoon Sendong lashed out on Cagayan de Oro, Iligan City and some parts of Visayas region. But one of the main reasons of this tragedy are mining and illegal logging in the mountains of Northern Mindanao.

According to an article that I have read “Mining companies are responsible for cutting trees. They destroyed the environment and the country. They have the obligation to help the people there in Mindanao,” Bastes said.

According to Bastes, what Aquino did was a shameful act and said he is sure that the Philippines would be the center of controversies in the other countries.

He even hit the slow response by the government on the victims of calamities and President Aquino favoring mining operations which is the main cause of nature destruction.

Iligan Bishop Elenito Galido blamed illegal logging and mining operation as the causer of flashflooding in Iligan City as well as various aprt of Mindanao.

Trees don’t need people; people need trees.

The biological equation is that simple.

A forest is not only a self-replenishing gigantic oxygen tank; it is also a gargantuan sponge that soaks up rainwater.  

It’s that easy to understand even for young children: I think that I shall never see a poem as lovely as a tree.

But many grownups  still don’t get it.

Stupid and greedy people cut them down, and so when the rains come the flood is on.

And then people perish – more than a thousand of them as of the latest count.

Environmental terrorism by illegal loggers and miners should, therefore, now be made a high crime.




Posted By: Maria Monica Semana

Huwebes, Disyembre 29, 2011

Anti-mining Campaign Pushed in Senate Hearing

Last Thursday, anti-mining advocates presented their case on the ill effects of mining to the Senate committee on agriculture. The group of Save Palawan Movement, UP economics professor, Chamber of Mines in the Philippines, congressman and senators were present to explain their side on the issue of mining in the Philippines.
First issue from the “Save Palawan Movement” insisted that irresponsible mining practices in the country have resulted in the reduction of forest cover, water pollution, and displacement and health problems of farmers, fisher folk and indigenous communities. As a result, this group launched a “No to Mining in Palawan” signature campaign to end the mining activities in Palawan.
Another issue presented in the hearing is from Prof. Arsenio Balisacan, he said that there is an increase in poverty incidence in the mining sector from 27.84% in 1988 to 48.71% in 2009 using data from a study made by the professor.
Meanwhile, former Marinduques Rep. Edmund Reyes reminded senators about the environmental and social costs of mining, like what happened in the Marcopper mine disaster. The incident made global news in 1996 when massive amounts of mine waste were released to the Boac River, leaving it virtually dead.
However, Chamber of Mine in the Philippines defended their industry in the Senate committee hearing through Atty. Ronald Residoro. He said that mining companies have helped assure sustainable growth in rural communities and provided a basic platform to improve their way of life.  He also advise the government that they should fight illegal mining activities and not the industry altogether.
But for Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, he said that it is not good to look at mining as a source of income and employment in the Philippines. There is a clear understanding for all of us that there have been terrible experiences around the country when it comes to mining.
   As for me, there are different advantages and disadvantages of mining in the Philippines. If we weight all of them, disadvantages go first. For that, we can’t take risk the lives of many people just to say that mining can give economic growth to the country. The government must really work hard in implementing rules and regulations about mining. I may suggest that they must think the majority of the people than the few ones.

Posted by: Nonalyn Pangantihon